The Journey Begins

Hello everyone

Thanks for joining me!

My name is Chris, and yes, I am a girl with a first name that is actually just Chris. Odd I know but I love it. I am 22 years old and currently based in Canada. I am a university student, and the workload can be hectic sometimes. Like many other students, I need a breather once in a while. Dramas have always been that little escape for me. Right from when I could remember, I was always a very imaginative person, so I see dramas and movies as a space of their own where the writers, directors, and actors bring to life the most intriguing ideas and concepts.

I started this blog not just to share my thoughts but also as an open forum. Everyone is welcome to share the emotions they felt while watching each story, character, scene, or even soundtracks in various productions. Honestly, for me it is more than just reviews, I am going to be sharing how my life and things going on in the world connects with how the characters are portrayed or how the stories are told. So kindly get on this train because it’s going to be amazing.

5 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

    1. There is a contact form on the page, you can send me messages from there. I will soon be adding a direct means of contact, i’m currently still working on the outlook of the site, so please bare with me. Thanks for the support, it is much appreciated


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