Song Of The Week: KARD – BOMB BOMB

The chosen song for this week is Bomb Bomb by KARD. KARD is a South Korean mixed gender group managed under DSP Media. The group consist of 4 members: J.seph, BM, Somin and Jiwoo. KARD officially debuted on Jul 19, 2017, with the EP Hola Hola. Bomb Bomb is KARD’s latest single which was released on March 27th of this year.


This song has been my recent party anthem. I have been jamming to it on repeat. My favourite part of the song is the pre-chorus. I love how smooth that section of the song is because it really works as a great build up into the super upbeat chorus. Thumbs up to Somin and Jiwoo for the amazing vocals on that section. I also enjoyed the energy that was put into the actual chorus, shout-out to BM for that. He was the centre of the chorus and he really brought his A game and killed it.

Here is a tease of the pre-chorus/chorus section –

To me, this is just a simple feel-good song and that is why I wanted to share it with everyone. So if you are in need for a little grove this week, go ahead and check out the music video with this link – Bomb Bomb Official MV. Also just to make sure you get an understanding of the song, here is the English translation:

Verse 1 – One to one hunn
Everything you want
I’ll be that
Love we gon’ love
Only you what I want

Verse 2 – Take it fast or take it slow
As your body leads
Pour up drank, pour up drank
Bomb, our own party like that

Pre-Chorus – Don’t try to wake up, just fall into this mood
You make me out of senses
I’m dizzy, why do you make a mess of my heart?
I don’t know you, but I want you to be with me at this moment
As black as the night sky
Make it burn, make it burn
Night after night

Chorus – Burning
Tonight, Tomorrow,
Night after night, bomb, bomb
Wildin’ all day, wildin’ all night
Wildin’ all day, every night, we’re gonna do it
Wildin’ all day, wildin’ all night
Wildin’ all day, every night, we’re gonna do it

Verse 3 – I see you eyeing on me
If you want it, come get a taste
Send a signal in the eyes
That’s expressed, you thirsty all thirsty for this
She tempts me with her moves while she whines it
Drippin’ like faucet
Let’s get wet the sweat of passion
Even when this song ends, no pares y dame woah

Pre-Chorus – Don’t try to wake up, just fall into this mood
You make me out of senses
I’m dizzy, why do you make a mess of my heart?
I don’t know you, but I want you to be with me at this moment
Burn it up with me
Make it burn, make it burn
Night after night

Chorus – Burning
Tonight, Tomorrow,
Night after night, bomb, bomb
Wildin’ all day, wildin’ all night
Wildin’ all day, every night, we’re gonna do it
Wildin’ all day, wildin’ all night
Wildin’ all day, every night, we’re gonna do it

Bridge – We know this night won’t last forever
Till the morning comes
I don’t want to waste this short time

Chorus – Make it burn, make it burn
Make it make, it burn, burn
Night after night, bomb, bomb
Wildin’ all day, wildin’ all night
Wildin’ all day, every night, we’re gonna do it
Wildin’ all day, wildin’ all night
Wildin’ all day, every night, we’re gonna do it

I really hope you all enjoy this song as much as I did. Till my next post, BYE


So I Finally decided to bring back my weekly music specials.

The chosen song for this week is Stars and Moon by Ivy ShaoThe music and lyrics for this song were written by Victor Lau and the singer is the Taiwanese actress Ivy Shao. Stars and Moon is an official soundtrack for the Chinese drama Sweet Combat. The drama stars Luhan (former EXO member) and Guan Xiaotong as leads (fun fact: the leads are actually a real couple).

From the very first time I heard this song being played in the drama, I was completely intrigued. Stars and Moon is a very emotional song. It speaks about hope and the zeal to never retreat. This was the emotion I got from the song even before reading the English translation. Here is the translation for Stars and Moon:

Verse –

  • The star is scared that once she blinks, the moon will disappear and be gone
  • The moon holds her hand and promises to stay by her side
  • The star and the moon agree to always accompany each other
  • Illuminating the world together
  • Until the day that the moon suddenly goes back on his promise

Chorus –

  • The star hangs on the horizon. The moon is no longer there
  • She does not wish to cry and chooses not to fall
  • The star no longer yearns. She chooses to illuminate the world alone
  • Shining in the night without the moon
  • On dark nights without you (I’ll keep on shining)

My favourite part of this song is definitely the chorus. I just love the message that no matter what you go through, you have to believe in yourself and keep on moving. Ivy always impresses when she sings. She might not have the strongest voice but she sure knows how to spark emotions from her audience. I look forward to hearing more songs from her because she is amazing, both as an actress and a singer.

I decided to add a little tease of what the chorus sounds like –

And if you would like to hear the full version, here is a link for the official music video – Stars and Moon Official MV

Till my next post, Bye

My Winter Playlist

My very own winter playlist created for you all to enjoy and I also added short previews for each song.

#. 1415 – When It Snowsimg_2072

This song was recommended by a friend and she got me to quickly watch the music video for it because Nam Joo Hyuk features as the main character for the video. It was my first time listening to 1415 but after my first listen, I went on to check out their other releases. It is a very calm and soothing song, so I wanted to share it with you all. Hopefully, you enjoy it like I did.

#. 1415 – I Am Blueimg_2078

Yes, another song from 1415, they are amazing and I hope that they get the recognition that their music deserves. I am Blue is a more upbeat song compared to When It Snows and the instrumentals on this song is absolutely beautiful.

#. Zion. T, Lee Moon Sae – Snowimg_2079

Hands down, this is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever listened to. I expect nothing less from Zion. T, he is an amazing artist. Also, the fact that he featured Lee Moon Sae who is a well recognized older generation singer in the Korean music scene, made this song even more beautiful. If you have never listened to anything from Lee Moon Sae, I recommend the song Whistle.

#. Primary, OHHYUK, Lim Kim – Gondryimg_2073

Ohhyuk’s voice in every song I have heard from him continuously takes me by surprise. When I first listened to Gondry, I was completely in awe and no matter how many times I listen to this song, I keep on asking myself how someone can be blessed with such an amazingly rich set of pipes. It is not really the notes but rather the emotion that his voice adds into each song. I honestly hope that you all come to appreciate his voice and music just like I do after listening to this song.

#. Yang Da Il, Hyolyn – And Thenimg_2086

Yang Da Il caught my attention with his soundtracks from Korean dramas like Hospital Ship and Bride Of The Water God but I was never compelled to check out his actual songs. I came to know of this particular song through Spotify radio and I was so mad at myself for such a late discovery. Also with a feature like Hyolyn, who has a really enchanting voice, this turned out to be such a tasteful and relaxing song.

#. Primary, OHHYUK – Islandimg_2073

This is such a laid back song for me. Honestly, whenever this song plays, I find myself just snapping my fingers and rocking my head from side to side, then I body glide through the trancelike chorus. It is quite an odd dance if seen in person but that is just me being me. So do let me know what sort of moves this song ignites from you.

#. John Park – Thought Of Youimg_2084

The only song I knew from John Park before this month was My Best which also features Huh Gak. I never dived further into the discography of both singers until this month. So this song is one of my recent findings. I absolutely enjoy every minute of listening to Thought Of You. It is such a feel-good song and it lightens up my mood.

#. MISIA, HIDE (GReeeeN) – Ainokatachiimg_2091

This happens to be one of the first Japanese songs I listened to that was not from an anime. Sometime last year, I decided that I would like to hear what Japan’s music scene had to offer and I came across Mika Nakashima and then she led me to discover MISIA. I really love this song because of the hopeful and uplifting atmosphere that it exudes. I have since then discovered other Japanese songs that I enjoy once in a while.

#. Jia Jia – Happiness Comingimg_2090

Happiness Coming was featured in the Taiwanese drama Rock ‘n’ Road. This is a very calm and steady song, it gives off the feeling of not wanting to give up and hoping for the best no matter what. When I first heard this song, I was in a bad place, so I really needed that message. I am so happy that I discovered Jia Jia through this song because she is an awesome singer and really great at conveying emotions.

#. John Park – Smileimg_2085

Another John Park song that soothes my soul, it is so soft and cosy. The way he starts the song with such a low register is really captivating. It is the perfect winter song to play while warming up by the fireplace with a cup of warm french vanilla. I specifically stated french vanilla because I do not drink coffee and I am also not the biggest fan of hot chocolate. Anyways Smile is a great cafe mood song and I hope you all enjoy it.

#. Eddy Kim – When Night Fallsimg_2082

When Night Falls is the first soundtrack for the Korean drama While You Were Sleeping. I hardly know anything about the singer Eddy Kim but I acknowledge that he has a very attractive voice. I really love the slight whispering/falsetto tone that he uses during the chorus of the song. It felt like he was speaking directly to me and I enjoy that personal feeling in any song.

#. Akdong Musician(AKMU) – Way Back Homeimg_2088

I absolutely adore Akmu, they have their own unique style and I tend to appreciate such stand-out artists more. I enjoy all their albums but Winter is my favourite season-themed album. So if you have not listened to this album already, do check it out and I promise that you will not be disappointed. I decided to add the song Way Back Home to my playlist because it is one of my favourite songs from the album.

#. Bii – I Will Miss Youimg_2080

I already wrote about my love for Bii in a previous post and if you have not read that, here is a link – Star Showcase: BII. I Will Miss You perfectly showcases why I love Bii. His songs are so soothing and very easy to remember. Majority of his songs including this one have a really catchy melody that stays stuck in your head for days and plus he has a beautiful voice to back that up, so I cannot help but love this artist.

#. Ra. D – Just Missing Youimg_2087

Now the drama for which this song is associated with is quite gloomy. When I first watched the drama Just Between Lovers, I was too focused on the story to notice any of the original soundtracks. I only came to realize the beauty of this song just recently. This is such a well-arranged piece of music, most especially the chorus. I could not help but sing along with the few English lyrics I could understand and I plan to check out the artist because I AM REALLY IMPRESSED.

#. Akdong Musician(AKMU) – Liveimg_2088

Another great song from Akmu. Live is my number one song from the album Winter. I sincerely admire the brother and sister duo, Lee Chan Hyuk for his songwriting skills and Lee Su Hyun for her vocal talents. Right from the time I saw them in the Korean audition program, Kpop Star, they have never produced a bad song. Like I said their style is unique so not everyone might get right into it but that aside, they are amazing together.

#. Park Hyo Shin – Beautiful Tomorrowimg_2089

If you do not know of the vocal prowess that is Park Hyo Shin, please waste no more time. I advise that you start with his song Wild Flower. This guy is a vocal beast and never fails to wow his listeners. His music is really touching and he tends to release songs that reflect his life experiences, so that makes it more relatable. This particular song Beautiful Tomorrow is a very powerful and smooth ballad and the entire song is accompanied only by a piano.

#. South Club – Hug Meimg_2092

Right from his time as a member of the Korean pop group Winner to when he became the main singer for the Korean band South Club, Nam Taehyun has always been one of my top vocalists. He has such a soft and smooth voice. This song Hug me is really comforting but you can still feel the hint of sadness in his voice. I am not certain on the kind of guitar that was used in this song but South Club definitely has great talents among them.

#. Park Hyo Shin – Breathimg_2089

Another great song from the master himself. This particular album I am A Dreamer has a great set of songs from him but my favourites according to preference are Wild Flower, Breath, Home, and Beautiful Tomorrow. This is another solid ballad from Park Hyo Shin and the message of the song is amazing. So I hope you all enjoy this song as well.

#. Paul Kim – Me After Youimg_2094

I seem to always find the good songs so late. I need to get my game together and seek out more treasures like this song. This is another beautiful and well-produced piece. Paul Kim’s delivery on this song is charming. Me After You is a great love song and I absolutely enjoy listening to it.

#. Noel – How About Youimg_2095

If you are not aware already, Noel is actually a ballad group consisting of four equally amazing singers. Their voices are so alluring and I always find myself playing their songs on repeat. They are quite older in the Korean music scene and have earned the well-deserved respect and recognition from other artists. How About You is another great release from them, so I hope you all enjoy listening to this song as well.

So there it is,

this is the end of my list but I am sure there many other songs that ooze cosiness for this cold winter season. So feel free to leave me your song selections in the comments. If you were intrigued by the preview for any of the listed songs and would like to hear the full versions, here is a link to a Spotify playlist I created with all these songs – Spotify Winter Playlist. If you do not have a Spotify account and you are not able to sign up for one, I have another option of the same playlist on Youtube. Here is the link – YouTube Winter Playlist

Till my next post, take care.


Music Review: CODE KUNST (FEAT. LEE HI) – X

Artist Info: Code Kunst is a South Korean composer and music producer signed under AOMG. His music fits within the Hip-hop, Rap, and Rnb genre. So far he has released three studio albums and has two songs that feature Lee Hi. The one I am reviewing today is titled and the other song which was released just recently this year is titled XI (they both seem to enjoy playing with roman numerals).

X by Code Knust(featuring Lee Hi) is a track from his third studio album Muggle Mansion which was released in 2017. It tells the story of a lady who is fed up with her boyfriend’s lifestyle and all his broken promises. She is certain that it is time to move on and be with someone else but still finds herself attached to the relationship. Her boyfriend later realizes his mistakes and tries to apologize but it might be too late.

Rating: 8/10

Review: Lee Hi is one of my favourite soloists, so when I see her name on anything, I know that there is a high chance of me loving it. She really has a beautiful soulful voice and over the years she has grown as an artist. I just wish that she was given the chance to release more music. Anyways she really did great on this track and I enjoyed the subtle changes in her vocal tone during certain parts of the song.

I really love the beginning of the song, it is quite trance-like. No hard beat was introduced at the very beginning, so we get to enjoy Lee Hi’s voice for a full minute and then we get a super groovy beat throughout the rest of the song. I also enjoyed the pre-chorus section and the background notes by Lee Hi during the chorus. Music-wise, I believe that this song is a well-produced piece, so a big thumbs up to Code Kunst.

The only thing that threw me off a little bit was the structure of the English lyrics. I am not too sure if it was a style they were going for but most of the English lyrics to me did not seem properly structured. It all just felt like random phrases, so the connection between sentences was off. Now I read a comment under a lyric video for this song that said they were using “African-American Vernacular” but oh well, it just felt off to me. I could still understand the lyrics but I feel that they could have worked a little bit more on that aspect.

Other than that, It was a well-produced song, with an amazing melody and Lee Hi mesmerized me with her vocals as usual. So I will recommend you guys to give it a listen. Unfortunately, I cannot provide a link this time around because there is no official music video for this song. So try searching for an audio version on Youtube, Spotify or Apple music. Hopefully, you enjoy it.

Until my next post, take care.




Star Showcase: BII

Hello guys, so for today I will be introducing you all to one of my favourite Taiwanese artists ever, Bii. Initially, when I planned this segment, it was called Artist Of The Week OR Actor/Actress of the week depending on the content. But after much thought, I decided to simplify it as Star Showcase.

Anyways back to Bii.screenshot (16)screenshot (18) Bi Shu Jin popularly known as Bii is a Taiwanese singer, songwriter, and actor. He was born on July 7th, 1989 to a Taiwanese father and Korean mother. His Korean name is Pil Seo Jin. He was born and raised in South Korea and only learned how to speak Mandarin after relocating to Taiwan. Bii was always interested in music and in high school, he was the lead singer for his school’s band. At age 17, he was scouted by one of the biggest Korean management companies(SM entertainment) but his mother rejected the idea of him being a singer. He, later on, went to Dongguan, China to stay with his father and pursue his musical career. The stage name Bii stands for “Be, I, I”, referring to his dual personas.

I discovered Bii through the Taiwanese TV series Love Around. The opening song for the series is the title track from Bii’s second album, which was released in 2013 and this was the song that shot him to fame. I absolutely fell in love with his voice on first listen and he broadened my music horizon. Because before hearing him sing, I only listened to Korean songs outside of my regular English songs but he made himself an exception. After gaining much popularity in 2013,  many of his self-composed songs have been featured as soundtracks for various Chinese and Taiwanese TV series. A few of such dramas include Someone Like You, Bromance, Prince of Wolf, Sweet Combat, Better Man, Princess Jie You, Love Cuisine, Memory Love, etc.

So far Bii has released 1 EP and 5 albums. The EP titled “Bii” and the first album titled “Bii Story” featured Korean and Mandarin songs and were both released in 2010. The second album “Come Back to Bii” was released in 2013, the third album “Action Bii” was released in 2014, the fourth album “I’m Bii to the Double I” was released in 2016 and his latest album ” Bii Your Light” was released in 2017. He also released a single in 2018 titled “Scars”. I love the fact that he adds his stage name to all his album titles, I wonder what the next one will be called.

As for his career as an actor, he is quite new in that department. He had a few guest roles in Taiwanese TV series Someone Like You, Love Around and Zhong Wu Yan. His first main role was as a supporting cast in Taiwanese hit series, Bromance and last year he got the main role for the Taiwanese movie, About Youth. I am looking forward to how he grows his acting skills with time but currently, I am more attracted to him as a singer.

My most listened songs from him are -You’re gone, -Bii You Light, -Back In Time, -Love More, -I Wanna Say, -Epochal Times, -I Will Miss You, -Come Back To Me, -I Know, -All You Did, -I Will Be By Your Side and -A Fearless Tomorrow. These are just the few that I constantly replay but I honestly listen to almost every song on all his albums.

If you would like to have a listen of the songs I mentioned, simply search on YouTube, Spotify or any other international music streaming app. If you would like to know more about Bii, then go ahead and watch some of his interviews and shows. I will attach a link to an international English fan channel on YouTube where a few of such videos can be found.

Bii’s English Fan Channel

Also if you want to check out actor Bii, I recommend you watch Bromance. It is available on VIKI. Here’s the link: Bromance (TV series) full episodes

So there it is guys, that was just a little intro to my favourite Taiwanese artist, Bii. I will be doing more of this star showcases on a bi-weekly schedule, so stay tuned to find out about the other actors, actresses, and artists that I love.


Song Of The Week: EXO – TEMPO

I have been listening to this song on repeat for a while now, so I decided to showcase it as my song of the week.

Tempo was released by Korean pop group Exo, as part of their 2018 comeback album titled; Don’t Mess Up My Tempo. I am not really into Exo, so I only check out their title tracks and I definitely have the specific songs I love from them. When I first heard this song, I did not take any interest in it but I recently watched a reaction video for it and decided to give it a second listen. I guess the second time was the charm needed to allow me to appreciate the song more.

My favourite part of the song is the little Capella (Acapella) section they had towards the end of the track. I felt that their voices really shined throughout that section and it made the song more groovy.  So a thumbs up to Exo for blessing my ears and if you are also in need for a little grove this week, go ahead and check out the music video with the link below.

Official Music Video

Song Of The Week: ERIC NAM – THE NIGHT

There is only one word I can use to describe this song and that is Smooth”.

First of all, I was never a big fan of Eric Nam but recently he has been serving me sweet vocals on various tracks and I am here for it. This particular song from him just served as a cherry on top to all his other releases. I have replayed this song numerous times on YouTube and then added it to my playlist; and repeated it some more. Since the official release of the song, I have listened to it every day. YES, I AM OBSESSED.

My favourite section of this song is the chorus, the way he sings. I am no music expert so I can not point out the exact technique he uses during the chorus but I give him a 10/10 for blessing my ears. Now if you want to be serenaded like I was and still am on my multiple listens, just click the link below.

Official Music Video


Rating: 9/10

The Song You Picked Saves Me by A-lin and J.Sheon is an original soundtrack from the Taiwanese TV series Memory Love, which starred Andy Chen and Mandy Wei. The drama on its own was quite cute and fun to watch. I am not going to discuss the drama because I will be posting a review soon.

The Song You Picked Saves Me was featured as the opening soundtrack for the TV series. Now if you do watch Taiwanese series, you would know about the lengthy openings. Some could last for 2 minutes, which is tiring to watch on every single episode. Due to this, I find myself skipping such openings but in the case of Memory Love, I never once skipped it because of how good the song was.

The song begins with a light introduction of the beat and A-lin singing the main melody for the first 0.32 seconds but without any major lyrics. She begins singing with actual lyrics at the 0.33 seconds mark. Now while she sings J.Sheon breaks in a few times and his voice has also been sampled in the background for most of her parts. The chorus then brings both their voices together in sweet harmony. The second verse goes over to J.Sheon and just like the first A-lin breaks in once in a while. What I really enjoyed about this song is that it was not just about the featured singer doing their verse and then disappearing. The way J.Sheon came in and out of the song really gave it a unique flavour and both singers shined vocally.

The melody for the chorus was easy to pick up and fun to sing along to. It was my first time listening to anything from A-lin and J.Sheon but I absolutely loved it, so I immediately added it to my Spotify playlist. The track really has an old school r&b vibe to it. So if you’re down for that kind of music, then you’re going to loveeee it. And even if you’re not into r&b, you should check it out and see if it piques your interest.

I am going to add the link to the official video on YouTube.

Have fun listening and don’t be shy to sing along

Official Music Video Link